What is the difference between Christian icon boards and styles?

So you are looking for a religous icon and have looked at all of the many great companies out there how do you choose an icon? At Legacy Icons we have several things that we feel set us apart. 

First and foremost is our quality. We begin with nearly three decades of fine art reproduction experience and combine that with our skills as visual artists. Of course foundational to the entire process is our unwavering commitment to Jesus Christ and His Church.

With that being said all of our prints are printed to meet or exceed museum quality. After the print is made we adhere them by hand to a handcrafted base or icon board(styles see below). Finally we triple coat the icon and board edges with our custom sealant coating to protect it from water and UV. Ultimately the icons are rated to last in excess of 100 years before fading.

In brief to God be the glory and we pray our quality will reflect and bring honor to Him:-) What is our work environment like? We work  in an atmosphere that is respectful to our Lord. We burn vigil oil lamps while we work and start every morning by prayer and offering incense up during those prayers. Throughout the day we pray for each order and purchaser as they come through. We are not a mass production facility. While we can handle any size order that comes each is done in 'a one at a time' method.

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Hand wax finish...

Have you wondered about our finish options? We offer a hand beeswax polished finish on all of our icons. This custom formula designed by Legacy Icons applies beeswax and natural oils by hand to the back of your icon to seal it and prevent drying of the wood. Not only that but it deepens the color and enhances the tone. Well worth the extra cost. We say the Jesus Prayer while applying this finish. You can see the difference below...

Legacy Icons featured in Antiochian Orthodox Magazine...

We are humbled to be featured in this months edition of 'The Word' magazine about our story to Orthodoxy and the creation of Legacy Icons. Many have helped along the journey and we are forever grateful for all who worked on the iconography at St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan and those who continue to fund the installation of iconography at our home. Please take a look at the story. To our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ alone be the glory.

Incense- Frankincense, myrhh and athonite style incense...

Frankincense, Myrhh and quality incense- so what is the difference?

 There is an enormous difference in incense on the market. At Legacy Icons we offer some of the finest gathered from dealers from the furthest depths of the planet! Before offering our incense we tried dozens of manufacturers, traders and dealers and have now chosen  to work with three traders who can guarantee our highest quality and standards. Whether you are looking for Frankincense, Myrhh or traditional style incense ours will last longer, burn better and create the cleanest and finest scents on the market. 

We also offer charcoal and burners to go along with the purchase. 

Click the link below to find out more by watching our video. Thanks for watching and learning!

Icons Explained

We are beginning a series of mini-documentaries explaining the history and symbolism of our icon collection. View our Icons Explained series on this page, and check back regularly for new videos.

Better yet, if you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you will be notified whenever a new video appears. Just visit our YouTube channel homepage and click "Subscribe" at the top of the page (Google/YouTube account is required).

Deciding where to buy an icon?

Deciding on where to buy an icon to start your collection of ancient Christian Icons can be a challenging choice. With so many choices and so many wonderful icon manufacturers out there, what should you look for in buying an icon? These are just some of the terms you will here and read while looking for an icon: russian orthodox icons, orthodox church icons, eastern orthodox icons, orthodox icons, orthodox christian icons, orthodox icons for sale, orthodox icons for sale, orthodox icons, icons and saints of the eastern orthodox church, icons in orthodox, catholic icons, icon images, icons from Sinai, Icons from Moscow, Icons from Novgorod and historic icons. 

At Legacy Icons we specialize in quality icons that are printed by hand and not mass produced. We focus on quality icons not quantity icons. Our team has over 30 years of visual arts experience and we make our Christian Icons to meet or exceed Museum Quality. Our best advertising comes from satisfied customers who stand in front of their Legacy Icons and enjoy the beauty, lineage and quality not just today but 10, 20, 30 and for years to come.

We guarantee our craftsmanship and pray diligently for you while we make your custom icon. Our icons come from many of the popular sources and the different 'schools' of iconography including: Russian Icons, Byzantine era Icons, Greek Icons and modern Icons. If you don't see what you are looking for feel free to email us. We are here to help and hope that we can have the opportunity to help you with a quality hand made icon that you can pass on with your legacy to your family.

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Co-founder, Legacy Icons, LLC

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