Archangel Michael (Desis) Icon

This icon is from the desis (supplication) row of a 17th-century Russian iconostasis.

The name Michael means "like unto God" or "Who is like unto God?"


About our Icons

Most of our icons are made for each order one at a time and take about 10-14 working days. We do however rush at no charge for realistic requests. Our sizes are APPROXIMATE and we will do our best to get as close to the listed size as we can. We prefer not to crop an image but rather leave the Holy image as close to its original size as possible. æPlease leave us a note in your order if you have special sizing requests.

Board Styles

Our carpenters come from Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is home to the finest furniture makers and carpenters since the 19th century.

The Legacy board is our signature icon board. Our woodcraftsmen begin with hand-chosen poplar and cut it to the desired size. From there, they place oak slats across the back of the board to create a wood base that is second to none. The thicker board (1.25 inches) is like the board of a hand-painted panel icon.

The Standard board is made of durable MDF and has a wooden veneer on the back. If you desire a more affordable icon with a thinner board similar to other reproductions, consider the Standard icon.

Image Finishes

We begin with the finest 100% cotton, PH-neutral, archival museum-quality papers and canvases. Our prints are made in a controlled lab environment, using a special process which took over a decade to perfect. Finally, a series of custom sealants protect the image from fading, sun damage, and ozone by forming a barrier to outside elements.

Unlike other icon duplications, our prints have been environmentally-tested to resist degradation and fading for over 80 years, and in many cases well beyond 100. We do not laminate our icons, as lamination has unpredictable results for image stability. Our mission is to create timeless icons that will last, so you will only have to purchase them once.

Our museum-grade canvas prints have a slight texture, while the museum-grade paper prints are smooth.

Need a bigger sized icon?ææ

We can customize your icon to any size you request. æIf you are looking for a size larger than what we have to offer, contact us and we can accommodate your needs.æ


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