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Christ Pantocrator (Rublev, Detail) Icon - X116

This icon of the Savior was painted by St. Andrei Rublev about 1410. Over the centuries the icon was severely damaged, and only the central section with the Lord's face survives intact. Even so, the icon has a unique charm and the impeccable precision of the painting shines through 600 years of use.

We also offer a full-frame version of this icon, available here.

The Legacy Icon board

The Legacy board is made of durable MDF and has a wooden veneer on the back. Each board is cut and sanded in our shop by our woodworkers.  The corners are routed and a keyhole is placed in the back for easy hanging.

Image Finishes

Our prints are made in a controlled lab environment, using a special process which took over a decade to perfect. Finally, a series of custom sealants protect the image from fading, sun damage, and ozone by forming a barrier to outside elements.

Unlike other icon duplications, our prints have been environmentally-tested to resist degradation and fading for over 80 years, and in many cases well beyond 100. We do not laminate our icons, as lamination has unpredictable results for image stability. Our mission is to create timeless icons that will last, so you will only have to purchase them once.

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