Saint Romanos Legacy Icon

This exclusive icon was painted by Fr. Theodore Koufos for St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Saint Romanos the Melodist was born in Syria in the late 5th century. After serving as a deacon in Beirut, he went on to Constantinople. While he served the Church passionately, he felt his voice was weak. He prayed to the Mother of God, who strengthened his voice and inspired him to compose a hymn, called a kontakion, for the Nativity: "Today the Virgin cometh to the cave to give birth..." Saint Romanos went on to compose a wealth of hymns for feasts and saints, and his legacy is still very much alive in the Church today.

The Legacy Icon is our signature icon line. Our woodcraftsmen begin with hand-chosen poplar and cut it to the desired size. From there, they place oak slats across the back of the board to create a wood base that is second to none. We apply our museum-grade canvas reproduction using our exclusive process to adhere it permanently and archivally.

Our prime selected canvas and woods allow for expansion and contraction of the image that will prevent cracking or splitting. Our carpenters come from Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is home to the finest furniture makers and carpenters since the 19th century. Unlike other icon duplications, our prints have been environmentally-tested to resist degradation and fading for over 80 years, and in many cases well beyond 100. This is the finest reproduction in the world.

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